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Junior On-course Lesson

Junior On-course Lesson(JOL) is an advanced course for Junior Group Lesson students.  

Our school currently offers the JOL on 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sundays with up to 4 juniors per day.  

We are planning to add more on-course lessons in the near future so that more juniors can utilize this program to improve their golf performance. 

Basically, the JOL program is for juniors whose levels are ROOKIE 2 or up, because understanding golf basics is critical for both juniors and other customers in the golf course to enjoy the game. 

The program designed for juniors to experience the game of golf as well as experiencing rules, manners through 3-hole mini round(custom yardage for juniors) at Journey at Pechanga, award-wining golf course.  

An accompanied coach will video key shots of each 

student and will share those clips to parents. 

The tuition is $30 per one-time on-course lesson.   Parents may start to register this program from the end of each month for next month lesson.  Basically, registration for the class is first come first serve basis.