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Consent Agreement

We believe it is a critical factor that being on the same page with our valued customers  in order to operate Randy Chang Junior Golf School successfully.  

Please read carefully the following agreement and bring a signed form on the 1st day of lesson.


For good and valuable consideration, including, but not limited to my child being permitted to participate in Randy Chang Junior Golf School programs, I, my successors, heirs, assigns, executors, administrators, spouse, and next of kin, agree as follows:

   I agree in the event that my child exhibits signs of 
   illness or injury and if Randy Chang Junior Golf School
   staff is unable to contact me or any emergency contact
   that I provided, my child may be taken to the nearest
   medical facility and given any treatment deemed
   necessary by the personnel of the medical facility.

   I understand that injuries can arise by accident from 
   the very nature of golf activities. I hereby release and
   waive all rights to any claim or action against Randy
   Chang Junior Golf School and The Journey arising from
   injury, loss or damage to my child and/or my child’s
   property except where such injury, loss or damage is
   caused by willful misconduct or gross negligence of
   Randy Chang Junior Golf School or The Journey.

   I authorize Randy Chang Junior Golf School to use my 
   child’s name, video, photograph at any time and in any
   manner in connection with its advertising, publicity and
   public relation programs without the necessity for the
   school to obtain specific permission for each instance.

   agree the right to modify or amend this agreement
   upon 2
weeks written notice of any changes.

Attachment: Consent Agreement