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L2L Golf Swing System

The system focuses on the controllable 2 positions in swing mode: 1) where you start your down swing, and 2) where you finish to improve ballstriking. Specifically, forming backswing L and forwardswing L
is key in L2L Golf Swing System.

L2L Golf Swing System
Understanding this system starts from changing common swing thoughts. 

① Hitting the ball  Swinging the club

Impact zone  Backswing & forwardswing  
Head down  Steady center
Arm work  Wrist work  

The following steps are how to practice L2L Golf Swing.
① Forming backswing L and forwardswing L
② Sweeping to grass
③ Holding your finish
④ Let the ball in the path of the swing

Mostly, you will experience 5 ball results and causes.

① Hit it fat
    Lack of constant grip pressure and/or not pivoting up 
② Top it or hit it thin
    Lack of constant grip pressure and/or not pivoting up 
③ Hit it right
    Not rolling your wrist soon enough
④ Hit it left

    Rolling your wrists too early 
⑤ Shank/the hosel hit

    The club moving ¾ inch forward

As warm-up and practice routines, 50/50 swing routine is an essential part in this system.  It stands for swinging 50% using L to L for 50 yards and helps to maintain the speed of your swing tempo.  Therefore, it is critical to find out what club(usually one of your wedges) is your 50/50 club so that you can control your tempo on a daily basis.